Our Engineering

The factory, built in 2004, was especially designed for the machining of large series of complex parts. 350 members of staff are running the production 24 hours a day – 365 days a year on approx. 8500 m2 of floor space.

TURNING: The turning-department includes both vertical and horizontal turning machines. These 55 machines are all equipped with robots and joined together to form complex turning cells, able to machine up to three different parts simultaneously.

MILLING: The milling-department includes 80 five-axis-milling machines each equipped with a 6-axis robot for the machining and handling of complex milled products.

BALANCING: Our 15 fully automated balancing cells are capable of balancing impellers as required to the highest attainable quality standards up to a diameter of approximately 100mm.

TOOLING: Five five-axis grinding machines are used to develop and manufacture in house the cutting tools for BOOSTER Precision Components (Schwanewede) GmbH.

In 2016 more than 10.000.000 milled impellers and other complex parts were milled in our factory and a wide range of different forgings are available in our stock.

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